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• 1st October 1998:

    • Abstract Emotions, Hard-Boiled, Asgaroth, Symawrath.
    • Andromeda Creations, Angrenost, Sirius.
    • Agony Records, Kraal.
    • Ataraxia.
    • Aurora Borealis.
    • Avantgarde Music, Wounded Love, Carpathian Forest, Diabolical Masquerade, Raventhrone, Doloriam, Enochian Crescent, As Serenity Fades, Deviate Ladies.
    • Bad Acid, Farflung, Church of Misery, Burning Witch, Electric Wizard.
    • Bethlehem.
    • Black Light Records, "Collapsing Structure" Compilation.
    • Blood Axis, Sangre Cavallum, Allerseelen, Ordo Equilibrio, Fire+Ice, Primordial.
    • Breath of Night, Sarcasm, Negura Bunget.
    • Cold Meat Industry, Brighter Death Now, Cintecele Diavolui, Mortiis, Ordo Equilibrio, Projekt HAT, Puissance, Raison d' tre, Sanctum, Death Factory, Slogun, Sutcliffe JŁgend, MZ.412, The Protagonist.
    • Cthulhu Records, A.C.T.U.S., Coup De Grace.
    • Dissolving of Prodigy.
    • Eibon Records, Canaan, I Burn, Le Masque, Esoteric, While Heaven Wept, Seigmen, Temps Perdu?, Solitaire and Mathias Grassow.
    • Inkubus Sukkubus,
    • Judas Iscariot.
    • Let Me Dream.
    • Mayhem, Misanthropy Records, Babylon Whores, In the Woods..., Hagalaz' Runedance, Primordial, Solstice, Burzum, Dream Into Dust, Madder Mortem, Ved Buens Ende, Monumentum, Babylon Whores.
    • Nocturnal Art Productions, Limbonic Art, Odium.
    • Old Europa Cafe, Endvra, This Morn' Omina, Exotoendo, Negru Voda, Brume/Vrischika, Aube.
    • Tyrant, Satariel, Pulverized Records, Imperial Domain, Deathless, Unmoored, Thy Primordial, Eternal Oath.
    • Rosa Crux.
    • Sanctum, Azure Skies, Mental Destruction, The Year Of The Parrot,
    • Tortura.
    • Twilight Records, Iron Maiden, Deceased.
    • Virtualma.

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