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This is the online version of Dark Oath Magazine, Portugal's leading Underground dark and extreme music art magazine.

Dark Oath Magazine especializes in Metal, Goth, Dark Wave, Neo Classical, Medieval, Dark Folk, Ambient, Industrial and all other forms of musical art whose creation holds in its ember the soul of the artists envolved.

Here you will find not only info on the printed version of the magazine and a preview of what you will find in it, but also a selection of features devised especially for this site.

Feedback and suggestions are of course most welcome!

Enjoy your stay.

May All Be Hell!

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About Dark Oath...
This page.

A news archive featuring the latest releases and events on the Underground scene.
Updated monthly!!

- not available yet -
Exclusive interviews for the Dark Oath Online site not featured on the printed version.

- not available yet -
All sorts of reviews for the Dark Oath Online site not featured on the printed version.

Previews & Feedback
Info on the printed version of Dark Oath, with excerpts from the interviews featured on the latest issue and a full list of all reviews included there, as well as some opinions on it and a form to submit your own opinions.

How to order the printed edition of Dark Oath and an order form plus a list of addresses from where you can order it around the world.

- not available yet -
Other locations of interest.

Contact Dark Oath
How to reach Dark Oath and general info on Dark Oath and on how to submit material for reviews and features.

Equilibrium Music - Your source for the finest exquisite dark music.

• Last updated: 1st October 1998:
    • Main Page updated - Subscription form updated.
    • News section added.
    • Distribution section added.
    • Previews & Feedback pages for Issue 6 updated - Links to Official Autumn Tears, Behemoth, Dark Symphonies, Opeth, Sopor Aeternus and Symbiose Homepages added, link to Official Red Stream Homepage corrected.
    • Previews & Feedback section updated - reviews and comments on Issue 6 added. Feedback form added.

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