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Cold Meat Industry have gained a pretty much unparalleled cult status for a label. The team working under Captain Karmanik's command has managed to build its own niche in the dark music scene and ten years after its foundation, this once discreet Swedish label has grown into and impressive company. Roger Karmanik tells us a bit more about his work.

(A small excerpt from the interview featured in full on Dark Oath #6)

I guess it would be interesting to start by telling us who are the people (and about any other of their activities that might be of interest) behind Cold Meat Industry at the time and how the label got started in the first place. What lead to the creation of Cold Meat Industry and were you expecting it to grow as much as it has?
     • I am the only person behind CMI, and the reason why it all has gone as far as it has is because of my obsession. This year is the ten year anniversary of the label, and looking back these years I can't really say that I expected it to grow this much but I would say that it deserves it.
Cold Meat Industry's early releases were mostly Industrial/Noise stuff, nowadays a good amount of the bands is specialized either in Ambient music or Symphonic/Orchestral music of some sort. What lead to this slight 'change of course' or musical expansion? Would you say it was a logical development of your personal taste alone or did that have to do with the development of the whole scene itself?
     • I would say that the only logic in this is the presence of that type of bands and my taste for music. My roots are and will always be with the harsh Industrial music scene, just listen to my own band. I would very much like to find good Industrial Swedish bands but at the moment there are none.
Roger Karmanik It seems that CMI has nowadays conquered quite a few followers in the Metal scene. What is your view on this? Do you think the Metal scene and the Industrial/Ambient scene (or whatever you wanna call it) belong together or that they at least result well when combined?
    • I don't think they belong together and the result when Metal people try to combine both is often more tragic than listenable. Most Industrial people hate guitars, and that is the most common instrument for the Metal ones.

What do you think the future will bring for Cold Meat Industry? Do you see your label making it into a larger mainstream market and does that idea attracts you? You have recently issued a Mortiis video and will hopefully be pressing a Mortiis book as well, are those new ways to expand for CMI?
    • I don't know what the future will be, I don't have any crystal ball to look into. More mainstream I don't know... Both yes and no. Some bands will and some will definitely not. Videos and books are something I have been wanting to do for 4-5 years but never had the opportunity. There will be an Arcana video hopefully out in a couple of months. Regarding the Mortiis book there are many things that are uncertain about that right now so we just have to wait and see.
To finish, tell me, if you were to be remembered for something one day, what would you like that to be? If there's anything else that you'd like to mention or that I forgot to ask, please go ahead. Thanks for your time!
    • I have always said to myself that I will one day open a museum with all things that I have done during my life time (I always save copies of everything I do) when I die I hope that people will remember me for what I have done and not much as a person.

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