Issue 6 - Late 1997
• A list of all reviews featured in full on Dark Oath #6 •

Absorbed (Spa) s/t
Promo 1997, self financed

Absu (USA) "The Third Storm of Cythraul"
MCD 1997, Osmose Productions

Acheron (USA) "Anti-God, Anti-Christ"
MCD 1996, Moribund Records

Acid Death (Gre) s/t
Promo 1996

Aeternus (Nor) "Beyond the Wandering Moon"
CD 1997, Hammerheart Records

Agathocles (Bel) "Thanks for Your Hostility"
CD, Morbid Records

Agharti (Ita) "At the Burning Horizon"
MCD 1997, Red Stream

Algaion (Swe) "Vox Clamentis"
MCD 1996, Wounded Love Records

Altaïr (Fra) s/t
Adv. demo CD 1996, self financed

A Mind Confused (Swe) "Out of Chaos Spawn"
Adv. 7"EP 1996, Near Dark Productions

Amniorrehexis (Can) "Under the Surgeon's Knife"
Demo 1995

Amon (Ita) "El Khela"
CD 1997, Eibon Records

Ancient Wisdom (Swe) "The Calling"
CD 1997, Avantgarde Music

Angelcorpse (USA) "Goats to Azazael"
Demo 1996

Anubi (Lit) "Sutemus Skambes"
Adv. 7"EP 1996, Danza Ipnotica

Arcana - Dark Age of Reason CD Arcana (Swe) "Dark Age of Reason"
CD 1996, Cold Meat Industry

Arcana (Swe) "Lizabeth"
MCD 1997, Cold Meat Industry

Arcana (Swe) "Cantar de Procella"
CD 1997, Cold Meat Industry

Archangellus (Bra) "Magnus Ominis Umbra"
CD 1995, Cogumelo Records

Archon Satani (Swe) "The Righteous Way to Completion"
CD 1997, Cold Spring Records

Arckanum (Swe) "Kostogher"
CD 1997, Necropolis Records

Artificial God (Fin) "New Era (Darkness Comes)"
Demo 1995

Artificial God (Fin) "Pain Becomes Pleasure"
Demo 1995

Artificial God (Fin) "Give Me War"
Demo 1997

As Divine Grace (Fin) "Lumo"
CD 1997, Avantgarde Music

Ataraxia (Ita) "Il Fantasma dell'Opera"
CD 1996, Avantgarde Music

Ataraxia - Concerto n. 6: A Baroque Plaisanterie CD Ataraxia (Ita) "Concerto n. 6: A Baroque Plaisanterie"
CD 1996, Apollyon

Atrophia Red Sun (Pol) "Painfull Love..."
Demo 1996 (?)

Atrox (Nor) t.b.a.
Adv. 7"EP 1996, Danza Ipnotica

Attrition (Eng) "Étude"
CD 1997, Projekt

Aura (Hol) "Shattered Dawnbreak"
MCD 1996, Hammerheart Records

Autumn Tears - The Garden of Crystalline Dreams CD Aura Noir (Nor) "Black Thrash Attack"
CD 1997, Malicious Records

Aurora Borealis (USA) "Mansions of Eternity"
Adv. Demo CD 1996, self financed

Autumn Tears (USA) "The Garden of Crystalline Dreams"
CD 1997, Dark Symphonies

Awaken Press (USA)
Magazine #3/1997

Behemoth - Grom CD Behemoth (Pol) "Grom"
CD 1996, Solistitium

Belenos (Fra) "Notre Amour Eternel"
Demo-LP 1996

Benighted Leams (UK) "Caliginous Romantic Myth"
Adv. CD 1996, Supernal Music

Bethlehem (Ger) "Dictius Te Necare"
CD 1996, Red Stream

Bethzaida (Nor) "Nine Worlds"
CD 1996, Seasons of Mist

Bishop of Hexen (Isr) "Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy"
CD 1997, Hammerheart Prod.
Bethlehem - Dictius Te Necare CD
Bleeding Like Mine (USA) "In the Eyes of Lovelost"
CD 1997, Palace of Worms

Blink Twice (USA) "Other Locations"
CD 1996, Broken Seal

Bodybag (Hol) "Skullcrushing Horror"
Demo 1996

Bonehouse (Ger) "Symmetry of Decadence"
MCD 1996, Earth A.D. Records

Burzum (Nor) "Balder's Død"
CD 1997, Misanthropy Records

Caducity (Bel) "Whirler of Fate"
CD 1996, Shiver Records

Canaan (Ita) "Blue Fire"
CD 1997, Eibon Records

Carpathian Forest (Nor) "Bloodlust and Perversion"
CD 1997, Avantgarde Music

Catarsi (Ita) "Lo Stato delle Cose"
CD 1996, Energeia

Changes (USA) "The Fire of Life"
CD 1996, Cthulhu Records/Storm Records

Chiva (Swi) "Oracle Morte"
CD 1996, Witchhunt Records

Christ Agony (Pol) "Unholyunion"
CD 1996, Faithless Productions

Clair Obscur (Fra) "Sans Titre, 1992"
CD 1997, Apocalyptic Vision

Clandestine (Pol) "Umarle Konie"
Demo 1995

Crisis (UK) "We Are All Jews and Germans"
DCD 1997, Tursa
Crown of Thorns - Eternal Death CD
Croon (Ger) "Just"
CD 1996, Earth A.D. Records

Crown of Thorns (Swe) "Eternal Death"
CD 1997, Black Sun Records

Cyan-Hide (Fra) "Early Projects (Part I)"
Demo 1996

Cyber Christ (Por)
Fanzine #0/1996

Darkness Enshroud (USA) "Unveiled Ghostly Shadows"
CD 1996, Moribund Records

Darkness Is My Pride (Ger) "Litanai"
Demo 1996

Dark Reality (Ger) "Oh Precious Haze Pervade the Pain"
CD 1997, General Inquisitor Torquemado's Releases

Dark Tales (Por) s/t
Rehearsal Tape 1997

Darzamat (Pol) "In the Flames of Black Art"
CD 1996, Faithless Productions

Dawn of Dreams (Aus) "Amber"
CD 1996, Candlelight

Death In June Presents Kapo!
CD 1996, Twilight Command

Deathwitch (Swe) "Dawn of Armageddon"
CD 1997, Desecration/Necropolis Records

Decayed (Por) "Resurrectiónem Mortuórum"
CD 1996, Skyfall Records

December Moon - Source of Origin CD December Moon (UK) "Source of Origin"
CD 1996, Spinefarm

Dellamorte (Swe) "Everything You Hate" Adv.
CD 1996

Dementor (Slk) "Kill the Thought on Christ"
CD 1996, Immortal Souls Productions

Demoniac (N.Z.) "Stormblade"
CD 1996, Evil Omen Records

Depressor (USA)
s/t Demo 1995

Desaster (Ger) "Stormbringer"
MCD 1997, Merciless Records

Desire (Por) "Infinity, A Timeless Journey Through an Emotional Dream"
Desire - Infinity... CD
CD 1996, Skyfall Records

Detestor (Ita) "In The Circle of Time"
CD 1995, Dracma Records

Deutsch Nepal (Swe) "¡Compreendido!... Time Stop! ...And World Ending"
CD 1996, Cold Meat/Release Entertainment

Diabolical Masquerade (Swe) "The Phantom Lodge"
CD 1997, Adipocere Records

Dissimulation (Lit) "Juodo Menulio Pasveikinta"
Demo 1997, Dangus Productions

D.N.A. (Por)
Magazine #1/1997

Dramafall (Por) "Foreshadow Seasons"
Demo 1997

Emperor (Nor) "Reverence"
MCD 1997, Candlelight

Emperor (Nor) "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk"
CD 1997, Candlelight

Empyrium (Ger) "A Wintersunset..."
CD 1996, Prophecy Productions

Endura (Eng) "Black Eden"
CD 1996, Red Stream

En Nihil (USA) "Death Keeps"
CD 1997, Red Stream

Enthroned (Bel) "Prophecies of Pagan Fire"
CD 1995, Evil Omen Records

Entirety (Ita) "In Caelo Omnia Acciderunt"
Adv. MCD 1996, Northern Darkness Rec.

Entwined (UK) "Her Cherished Mask"
Demo 1996

Eros Necropsique (Fra) "Charnelle Transcendance"
CD 1997, Adipocere Records

Eternal Hatred (USA) "Vengeance from the Grave"
Demo 1995, Odyssey Productions

Eterne (Eng) "Deadauthor"
CD 1996, Candlelight

Evol (Ita) "Dreamquest"
CD 1996, Adipocere Records

Exceed (USA) "The Blood is in Your Hands"
Demo 1996 (?)

Fata Morgana - s/t CD Fata Morgana (Swe) s/t
CD 1996, Dark Dungeon Music

Fire+Ice (Eng) "Rûna"
CD 1996, Chaos International

Firstborn Evil (Por) "The Awakening of Evil"
Demo 1996, Sword Productions

Forbidden Site (Fra) "Sturm und Drang"
CD 1997, Solistitium

For Your Soul (Lit)
Magazine #3

Fresh Flesh (Por)
'letter #1/Nov. 1996

From Thy Ashes (Ger) "The Scythe Ages"
CD 1996, self financed

Frozen Sun (Hol) "Unspoken"
CD 1996, DSFA Records

Gandalf (Fin) "Snakebite"
Promo Demo 1996

Gardenian (Swe) "Two Feet Stand"
CD 1997, Listenable Records

Gates of Ishtar (Swe) "Bloodred Path"
CD 1996, Spinefarm

Girny Giesmès (Lit) "Kerai"
MC 1996, Dangus Productions

Godfuck 93 (Ita) s/t
Adv. 3" MCD 1996, Northern Darkness Rec.

Godkiller (Mon) "The Rebirth of the Middle Ages"
MCD 1996, Wounded Love Records

Gonkulator (USA) / Black Mass of Absu (USA) s/t
Split 7" 1996, Fudgeworthy Records

Grotesque (Swe) "In the Embrace of Evil"
CD 1996, Black Sun Records

Hades (Nor) "Alone Walkyng"
MCD 1996, Wounded Love Records

Ha Lela (Lit) "Pabudimas"
Demo 1996

Handful Of Hate (Ita) "Qliphothic Supremacy"
Adv. CD 1996, Northern Darkness Rec.

Helheim - Av Norrøn Ætt CD Headless (Por)
'zine #3/1996

Helheim (Nor) "Av Norrøn Ætt"
CD 1997, Solistitium

Homicide (Ita)
s/t Promo 1997

Horna (Fin) "Hiidentorni"
CD 1997, Solistitium

Ildfrost (Nor) "Nataniel"
CD 1997, Cold Meat Industry

Impiety (Sin) "Salve the Goat: Iblis Excelsi"
7" 1996, Fudgeworthy Records

Inade (Ger) "Aldebaran"
CD 1996, Cold Spring Records

Incantation (USA) "The Forsaken Mourning of Angelic Anguish"
MCD 1997, Repulse Records

Indungeon (Swe) "Machinegunnery of Doom"
Adv. CD 1997, Full Moon Productions

Infernal Beauty (Bel) "Drakensquar"
CD 1997, Hammerheart Records

Infernal Gates (Swe) "From the Mist of Dark Waters"
Adv. CD 1996, X-Treme Rec.

Inkubus Sukkubus (UK) "Belladonna & Aconite"
CD 1993 Resurrection Records

Inkubus Sukkubus (UK) "Heartbeat of the Heart"
CD 1995 Resurrection Records

Insepultus (Slk) "Considerations"
Cass EP 1995, Immortal Souls Productions

Isiphilon - Essence CD In the Woods... (Nor) "Omnio"
CD 1997, Misanthropy Records

Intoxicated (UK)
'Zine #5/Spring/Summer 1997

Isiphilon (Por) "Essence"
CD 1997, Symbiose

Isvind (Nor) "Dark Waters Stir"
CD/LP 1996, Solistitium

Jarboe & Ignis Fatuus "Cache Toi"
Picture 7" 1996, Cold Spring Records

Judas Iscariot (USA) "The Cold Earth Slept Below..."
CD 1996, Moribund Records

Judas Iscariot (USA) "Thy Dying Light"
Adv. CD 1997, Moribund Records

Judas Iscariot (USA) "Distant Into Solitary Night "
Adv. CD, Moribund Records

Kalisia (Fra) "Skies"
CD 1996, Adipocere Demo Series

Kampfar (Nor) "Mallom Skogkledde Aaser"
CD 1997, Malicious Records

Katatonia (Swe) "Brave Murder Day"
CD 1996, Avantgarde Music

Khephra (Ita) s/t
Demo 1996

Kirlian Camera (Ita) "Pictures from Eternity (Bilder aus der Ewigkeit)"
CD 1997, Discordia

Korpse (Sco) "Revirgin"
CD 1996, Candlelight

Lacrimas Profundere (Ger) "La Naissance d'Un Rêve"
CD 1996, Witchhunt Records

Lacrimosa (Swi) "Stolzes Herz"
CDS 1996, Hall of Sermon

Lacrimosa - Stille CD Lacrimosa (Swi) "Stille"
CD 1997, Hall of Sermon

Laume (Lit) s/t

Liers In Wait (Swe) "Spiritually Uncontrolled Art"
MCD 1996, Black Sun Records

Limbonic Art (Nor) "The Moon in the Scorpio"
CD 1996, Nocturnal Art Productions

Lobotomy (Swe) "Kill"
CD 1997, No Fashion Records

Love Like Blood (Ger) "Taste of Damocles"
Demo CD 1997, Focusion

Malkuth (Bra) "Glory and Victory"
Reh. Demo 1995

Malkuth (Bra) s/t
Adv. 7"EP 1996, Demise Records

Mastiphal (Pol) "For a Glory of All Evil Spirits, Rise for Victory"
CD 1996, Faithless Productions

Matanza/T.I.T. (Ger) "5 Ringe"
CD 1996, Bucranion Prod.

Mental Destruction (Swe) "Straw"
CD 1996, Cold Meat Industry

Mentality (Slk) "The Inexperienced Butcher"
Demo 1996

Mephitis (Ire) "Blinded"
Demo 1996

Metal Madness (Por)
'letter #1/Aug. 1996

Metalurgia (Por)
Magazine #3/Jan. 1996

Miasthenia (Bra) "Faun - Trágica Música Noturna"
Demo 1996, Bloodstar

Millennium (Por) "Wilderness in White"
Demo 1997

Moonlight (USA)
Magazine #1/Winter 1996/7

Morgul (Nor) "Lost in Shadows Grey"
CD 1997, Napalm Records

Mortem (Per) "Demon Tales"
CD 1996, Merciless Records

Mortiis - Crypt of the Wizard CD Mortiis (Swe) "Crypt of the Wizard"
CD 1996, Dark Dungeon Music

Mythological Cold Towers (Bra) "Sphere of Nebaddon, the Dawn of a Dying Tyffereth"
CD 1996, Sound Riot Productions

MZ.412 (Swe) "Burning the Temple of God"
CD 1996, Cold Meat Industry

Nagelfar (Ger) "Jagd"
Demo 1996

Nattvindens Gråt (Fin) "Chaos Without Theory"
CD 1997, Solistitium

Near Death Experience (Ita) "Gloria, Laus et Honor"
CD 1995 Discordia

Necromantia (Gre) "Ancient Pride"
MCD 1997, Osmose Productions

Necromass (Ita) "Abyss Calls Life"
CD 1996, Dracma Records

Nekropsy (Bra) "Profess"
Demo 1996

Never Known (Ita) "Twilight's Last Gleaming"
CD 1997, Eibon Records

Night In Gales (Ger) "Razor"
Adv. 7"EP 1996, MDD Records

Noctivagus (Por) "Almas Ocultas"
Demo 1995, Zenith Music

Nova Galaxie Robotnik (UK)
s/t Promo 1997

Novgorod (Ita) "In My Eyes the Black Light of the Sun"
Demo 1996, Northern Darkness Records

Nox Mortis (Ger) "Im Schatten des Hasses"
CD 1996, Prophecy Productions

Nyctophobic (Ger) "War Criminal Views"
CD 1996, Morbid Records

Nympha (Por)
s/t Rehearsal Tape 1996 (?)

Oberon (Nor) s/t
MCD 1997, Prophecy Productions

Obscenity (Ger) "The 3rd Chapter"
CD 1996, Morbid Records

Opeth - Morningrise CD Obscenus (Por) "Salvatore"
Demo 1996

Obscenus (Por) "Nocturnus Exordio"
Demo 1997

Officium Triste (Hol) "Mountains of Depressiveness"
7"EP 1996, Weeping Willow Records

Officium Triste (Hol) "Ne Vivam"
Adv. CD 1997, Teutonic Existence Records

Opeth (Swe) "Morningrise"
CD 1996, Candlelight

Ophthalamia (Swe) "To Elishia"
CD 1997, Necropolis Records

Ordo Equilibrio (Swe) "The Triumph of Light... and Thy Thirteen Shadows of Love"
Ordo Equilibrio - The Triumph of Light... CD
CD 1997, Cold Meat Industry

Orphanage (Hol) "By Time Alone"
CD 1996, DSFA Records

Orphaned Land (Isr) "El Norra Alila"
CD 1996, Holy Records

Oxyplegatz (Swe) "Worlds and Worlds"
CD 1996, Seasons of Mist

Paradigma (Nor) "Skadi"
MCD 1996, Head Not Found

Parnassus (Swe) "Let the Stars fall and the Kingdom Come"
CD 1997, Secula Delenda

Penitent (Nor) "Melancholia"
CD 1996, Cold Meat Industry

Perpetual Demise (Hol) "Arctic"
CD 1996, DSFA Records

Poetry of Shadows - Spheres of Knowledge CD Poetry of Shadows (Por) "Spheres of Knowledge"
CD 1996, Symbiose

Polluted Inheritance (Hol) "Betrayed"
CD 1996, DSFA Records

Posthumous (Bra) "Lust Upon the Altars of Blasphemy"
Demo 1996

Puissance (Swe) "Let Us Lead"
CD 1996, Cold Meat Industry

Ragnarok (Nor) "Arising Realm"
CD 1997, Head Not Found

Ragnarok (UK) "To Mend the Oaken Heart"
CD 1997, Neat Metal Records

Rotting (Por)
'zine #4/Fall 1995

Sacramentum (Swe) "Far Away from the Sun"
CD 1996, Adipocere Records

Sacrilege (Swe) "Lost in the Beauty You Slay"
CD 1996, Black Sun Records

Sanctum (Swe) "Lupus In Fabula"
CD 1996, Cold Meat Industry

Satanic Slaughter (Swe) "The Land of Unholy Souls"
CD 1997, Necropolis Records

Scattered Remnants (USA) "Inherent Perversion"
Adv. Demo CD 1995, self financed

Scholomance - I Am That Which Is Demo Scholomance (USA) "I Am That Which Is"
Demo 1997

Scorpion Wind "Heaven Sent"
CD 1996, Twilight Command

Screaming Dead (UK) "Bring Out Yer Dead"
CD 1996, Angel Records

Septic Flesh (Gre) "Ophidean Wheel"
CD 1997, Holy Records

Serpent Rise (Bra) "Travellin' Free..."
Promo Tape 1995, Bloodstar

Serpent Rise (Bra) s/t
Adv. CD 1997, Sound Riot Productions

Shadow Dances (Lit) "Burning Shadows"
MCD 1996, Abstract Emotions

Society (Fin) "Walk Little Girl"
Demo 1995

Solefald (Nor) "The Linear Scaffold"
CD 1997, Avantgarde Music

Sopor Aeternus (Ger) "The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller"
Sopor Aeternus... - The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller CD
CD 1997, Apocalyptic Vision

Sorhin (Swe) "Skogsgriftens Rike"
Adv. MCD 1996, X-Treme Rec.

Splinter Test "Sulphur - Low Seed Replication"
MCD 1997, Twilight Command

Squad (Por) s/t
Demo 1996

Stay Frightened (USA) "Still"
CD 1997, Palace of Worms

Steve Roach & Vidna Obmana (USA/Bel) "Cavern of Sirens"
CD 1997, Projekt

Suicidal Winds (Swe) "Aggression"
Demo 1997

Summoning (Aus) "Dol Guldur"
CD 1996, Napalm Records

Susurrus Inanis (USA) "The Shadowless Shining"
Demo 1996, Will Crushed Communications

Tales of Dark Nord (Rus) "Obliteration Allegory/Absorbing Destinies"
Demo 1995/1996, Immortal Souls Productions

Tanahauzer (Fra) s/t
Demo 1996

Tantrum (Tur) "The End Evolution"
Demo 1996

Tartaros (Nor) "The Grand Psychotic Castle"
MCD 1997, Necropolis Records

The Breath of Life (Bel) "Lost Children"
CD 1995, Hall of Sermon

The Book of Monarch (Bra)
Magazine #1/Aug. 1996

The Chasm (Mex) "From the Lost Years"
MC 1996, The Art/Reborn Records

The Gallery (Swi) "Dreamscapes"
CD 1997, Hall of Sermon

The Garden of Delight "Symbolism Alive"
CD 1997, Dion Fortune

The Shithead Dismantled (Por) "The Corporation"
Demo 1996

...The Soil Bleeds Black (USA) "The Kingdom & Its Fey"
CD 1997, Cold Meat Industry/Cruel Moon International

The Whores of Babylon (UK) "Kumari"
CD 1996, Skyfall Records

Thine (UK) "Journeys"
Tape EP 1997, Black Tears Records

Thy Primordial (Swe) "Where Only the Seasons Mark the Path of Time"
CD 1997, Pulverized Records

Thy Serpent (Fin) "Forests of Witchery"
CD 1996, Spinefarm

Thy Serpent (Fin) "Lords of Twilight"
CD 1997, Spinefarm

Transcendence - Eternal Stream CD Tormentor (Hun) "Anno Domini"
CD 1995, Nocturnal Art Productions

Tortura (Por) "Bitter Tears"
Demo 1996

Transcendence (Can) "Eternal Stream"
CD 1996, Gaïa Disk

Twisted Tower Dire (USA) s/t
Demo 1996, Sinistrari Records

Uranus (Gre)
Advance Tape 1995

Useless Sacrifice (Slk) "Tears, Thoughts, Desires..."
Demo 1996, Immortal Souls Productions

V/A "2222 Tage"
CD 1997, Dion Fortune

V/A "Awakening - Females in Extreme Music"
CD 1997, Dwell Records

V/A "Bizarre 8"
Compilation Tape

V/A "Headbangers Against Disco - Vol. I"
7"EP 1997, Primitive Art Records

V/A (Por) "High Radiation Vol. II"
CD 1996, Independent Rec.

V/A "Holy Bible"
CD 1996, Holy Records

V/A "Immortal Souls Vol. 5"
Comp. Tape 1996, Immortal Souls Productions

V/A (Ita) "Intimations of Immortality Vol. III"
CD 1996, Energeia

V/A (Lit) "Pagan Fire Dancing Vol. II"
Comp. Tape 1996, Dangus Productions

V/A "Slaytanic Slaughter II - A Tribute to Slayer"
CD 1996, Black Sun Records

V/A "Teach Your Soul With Fire Vol. III"
Comp. Tape 1996, Art Music

Vacuum (Cze) "Climbing My Sky"
MCD 1996, Machine God Records/Art Music

Valefor (USA) "Death Magick"
CD 1996, Cold Meat Industry/Death Factory

Ved Buens Ende (Nor) "Those Who Caress the Pale"
CD 1997, Ancient Lore Creations/Misanthropy Records

Veil Of Sorrow (Swe) "Autumn Lustre"
Demo 1996

Venus Fly Trap (UK) "Dark Amour"
Adv. CD 1997

Vidna Obmana (Bel) "Twilight of Perception"
CD 1997, Relic

Vomitory (Swe) "Raped in their Own Blood"
CD 1996, Fadeless Records

Vulpecula (USA) "Fons Immortalis"
MCD 1997, Merciless Records

Waylander (Ire) "Dawning of a New Age"
Demo 1996

Wejdas (Lit) "Dykra"
Demo 1995, Dangus Productions

Windham Hell (USA) "Reflective Depths Imbibe"
Adv. CD, Moribund Records

Windham Hell/Nothing (USA)
Split Promotional Cassette EP 1997, Vivid Dreams Records

Winds Died Down (USA) s/t
MCD 1996, Media Overkill

Witch-Hunt (USA) "Prophecies of a Great Plague"
Adv. MCD 1996, X-Rated ecords

Within Temptation (Hol) "Enter"
CD 1997, DSFA Records

Without Grief (Swe) "Forever Closed"
Demo 1996

Workman (Ita) "Suffering Reaction"
Demo 1996, Supporto Italiano Promotion

Your Shapeless Beauty (Fra) "The 7 Paths to Sorrow"
CD 1996, Adipocere Demo Series